This has come out (no pun intended) as a result of the “it gets better” movement to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by gay teens.

It is sad that in 2011 homophobia is still alive and kicking. I look forward to the day when the world will look back and cringe about what it once thought… Hopefully it will get better.


Read this!

Read this article over at Divisible By Pi. It is a wonderful article. I could not have said it better myself.

… to spread the word to all undergraduate Melbourne University students you know about the subject Communicating Science and Technology.

I have blogged about this subject before. In it students get to write on a blog, write articles for different publications and even get on the radio. It’s an amazing subject, and well worth doing even if you don’t have to. I got more out of that subject and enjoyed that subject more than any other subject I have ever done.

Enrolment for this subject for next year is really low, such that it is at risk of being cut by the science faculty. It would be a real shame if this were to happen, as it is one of the most valuable subjects offered by the university.

So please help me out and spread the word!

Not doing so makes this puppy sad…

sad puppy

If only…

Trick Can

… if only. I found this on the site Left-Handed Toons. Those guys are awesome…

So now I’m in Chile…

… in the lovely costal town of La Serena.

La Serena

La Serena as seen from the driveway

So far I have not seen much of the town. All I have seen so far is the GIANT supermarket that is really a huge Coles and huge K-Mart combined into one store, aptly named JUMBO, where  do all my shopping (Where else do I need to go? They have EVERYTHING).

This town is really lovely. The weather is beautiful, but not all that warm. It is usually overcast in the morning, but that clears up early in the day, leaving the skies clear until the evening. It doesn’t get all that warm, as there is always a cool breeze.

The traffic takes some getting used to. The cars do not stop for pedestrians, even at pedestrian crossings. Also they drive on the right hand side of the road, which is taking me a while to adjust to.

I’m staying in the Recinto de Aura, a large secure compound where people from the Gemini and Tololo observatories live and work. It is nice that where I will be working (as of Monday) is only a 3 min walk from where I am living.

This is only just the beginning. There will be more updates the more I see and experience.

So I’m now out of Australia for the first time in my life.

I’m currently in Auckland due to a flight delay, so I thought I would make good use of the time and the free wifi in the hotel to give you all warning that hopefully I will be blogging more.  I will be blogging my adventures in the town of La Serena, Chile, where I will be spending the next 10 weeks of my life. There I will be conducting research at the Gemini South Observatory. In particular I will be reducing data from NICI, the Near-Infrared Coronagraphic Imager, which is used for detecting exoplanets (planets outside our solar system).

There will be photos. There will be physics. It will be awesome.

I’m on a podcast…

I’m one of the new additions to “The Pseudo-Scientists” podcast. This is the official podcast of The Young Australian Skeptics, which aims to promote science and skepticism.

Episode 23 is out now. Find out more on their website, where you can also check out their blog and forums.